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BOPU, the brand independent growth partner for Retail and Hospitality.

The opening date of a new retail location is non-negotiable. Delays are a big loss due to additional costs, lost sales and diminished credibility.

Quite a challenge at a time when it seems that the lead time for new store opening seems to be getting shorter while more and more technology is being applied in the modern store environment.

At Bopu we are aware of the pressure that a new store opening entails and of the critical processes that can influence a successful opening.

We are not architects or structural engineers, so we are not going to claim that we can assist you from the start to the end in your entire operation.
But once the electrical and IT infrastructure phase is addressed, we are in the front row to assist you with our knowledge and experience.

Our Services

Experience has taught us that in New Store Openings much goes wrong and most delays are caused by:

– bad communication
– too many partners involved in the entire installation.

List the number of companies that are involved in opening your store for the technology part alone. From the electrical and IT wiring to the installation of the security systems, POS, telephony and so on.

At BOPU we have integrated these different disciplines of communciation technology into our New Store Opening Services. The fewer partners on site, the less noise and the more efficienct the work is done.

And you only have one point of contact who is accountable for the result and the quality.


Once the construction plans are ready, our project managers take action to ensure that the installation of the network and IT infrastructure runs smoothly.
Entirely tailored to your wishes and requirements and according to the prescribed regulations and conditions.

But also, sometimes, it can be a difficult job to get contracts arranged or to ensure that critical facilities are available on time. Especially in countries with no company owned representation, it is often a daunting task to find the way through an administrative maze of unknown rules in a language that one does not speak.

From the purchase of materials and services such as the connection of fibre optic and telephone lines, to the allocation of the necessary resources and the delivery of a working ICT – infrastructure, you can rely on our knowledgeable Project Management Team to relieve your organization of the administrative and operational hassle.

site survey

A major project such as the opening of a new store requires careful monitoring. After all, the sooner a problem is discovered and reported, the easier – and cheaper – it is to solve.

This is often not feasible if the new store is not in the home market and journey to the location is not possible due to time or distance.

In such cases, BOPU technicians are regularly asked to conduct a survey on site and to report the status of the work.

As an independent service partner, our reports are an objective snapshot based on on-site observations and documented with photographs.

Another reason for which our technicians are sent on site in advance is to prepare a complex installation where the success of the installation depends on what at first glance looks like details. For example, of the installation of sophisticated theft detection systems, life-size video walls or built-in screens.

data cabling

A reliable and fast network is critical for the ongoing performance of your business.  This is true for small and large businesses alike.

BOPU cabling teams are perfectionists with the only goal to provide  a professionally installed network that totally meets your specifications.  The process takes factors like heat, cooling and airflow into account and is methodical for best results.

Our cabling teams have the tools and expertise to provide the right network installation for voice, security and data.

Our cabling services include:

    • Contract work and retained service
    • Design and installation
    • Single and multi-site installations
    • Voice and data
    • CAT6 – CAT6A and CAT7

Fibre Optic cabling

Sometimes the capacity of your regular network is not sufficient to meet the data transmission needs and your cabling systems will have to be expanded to meet that demand.

This is when fibre optic cabling becomes the modern and cost-effective solution. Fibre optic cables provide faster bandwidth and more reliable data transmissions over longer distances with the added bonus of increased security and safety.
And although fibre optic cables are made up of thin wires of glass or plastic, the alternative copper wire is much more susceptible to damage.

Supported by true fibre optic professionals, our cabling team has the right expertise to provide you with a network that assures you of a sustainable network that is ready for the future.

structured cabling

With structured cabling one usually thinks of the system of cables in the comms cabinets. Probably because the 3 main components of structured cabling are located there: switches, patch panels and cable trunks.

But in reality, a structured cabling system actually runs throughout the building – or even a campus – with different points and special areas.

Structured cabling solutions can include racks, network cabinets, hardware ports, and more. All these smaller parts work together as part of the total system.

In addition to the – already described – vertical backbone cabling,  the BOPU cabling team also guarantees a flawless delivery of  other components of the structured cabling system as they are:

    • Horizontal cabling
    • Entrance Facilities
    • Telecommunications Room
    • Equipment Rooms/ Consolidation points
    • Work Area Components

wireless network

Today, WiFi is an inseparable part of the network infrastructure in a store.

IoT-technology and smart devices make WiFi indispensable.
But then you have to be sure that your WiFi works flawlessly, and that sometimes fails for many reasons.
They may initially have poor design, interference, poor placement or coverage, or insufficient capacity.

There are a wide variety of variables that can cause problems and negatively influence the quality of an installation.
BOPU has the professionals you need to ensure that you have a wireless network with high quality coverage.

Our Wireless Network solutions include:

    • Indoor Installation
    • Outdoor Installation
    • Point to Point wireless
    • Wireless Bridge Installation


cable testing and certification testing

Testing your network is key to a functioning network infrastructure. Certification Testing is the assurance that your network meets the standards of the industry.

A standard part of our cabling services is the functional cable test. A simple cable tester is therefore a mandatory tool for our cable installers so they can test the continuity on the wire pairs and be sure that any connected device will operate properly. Regardless of whether our technicians connect the equipment or someone else.

However, sometimes we are asked for a more comprehensive report. With the extensive network testers we not only provide the certainty that all cables are functional and connections delivered, but we can supply additional information such as length and performance per cable.

To ensure that the installed data communications network is properly installed and complies with the standards to support trouble-free data transmission over both back office networks and throughout the building to support your applications and devices, certification testing is essential. BOPU techs happily certify your network measuring key performance parameters.

pre-installation and configuration

Take advantage of our range of Configuration Center services to expand or fully outsource your staging and configuration requirements.

By using BOPU as your technical partner, you quickly realize economies of scale while maintaining control.

With 3 central staging locations in Europe, BOPU work as an extension of your team, enabling you to achieve a seamless operation that cover all your operational needs, ranging from planned roll-out to same-day emergencies and 24/7 after hour on-demand services.
Our staging facilities are backed by state-of-the-art and highly secured technologies and provide pre-imaging, integration, migration, deployment and full testing of the hardware before shipping to site.

Our (certified) specialists support the configuration of even the most advanced network and data equipment.

onsite installation

Our teams are not only ready for the preparatory work, the install of the equipment and devices can also be left to our expert professionals.

For every type of hardware, we have experienced and skilled technicians trained to anticipate and avoid common problems that may arise during IT hardware installation. They are also prepared for something extra that has been previously overlooked or due to a last minute change.
Armed with professional tools, a lot of knowledge and a run book, they carry out the installation according to the agreed rules and conditions so that you are assured of a uniform installation in accordance with the applicable regulations.

The main goal is to have the store fully up and running on the day of opening. And the store staff can fully concentrate on their core tasks without having to worry about failing systems.

hand over

The handover of the project and the work performed follows at the end.

A detailed file with relevant information and documentation is compiled for each completed part of the activities.
If applicable, a short user training is provided so that your employees can get started well prepared and also have all the information needed to operate, manage and maintain the location afterwards.

By the way, did you know that we also provide handover for projects for third parties? Because there is sometimes some time between the execution of the work and the final handover, we get the confidence from foreign providers to carry out the handover on their behalf. You will also receive a complete file for these components and, if applicable, user training by our trained project managers.