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Stories often start with “Once upon a time …”. The story of BOPU BV is not a fairytale. It is an honest story about a team of people who go out of their way every day and go beyond boundaries to deliver on words, deliver on promises and expectations, and ensure satisfied customers and users.

The story about BOPU BV starts in November 2005, when the company was founded.
Originally, we focused on the world of leisure, serving businesses such as campsites, hotels, resorts, marinas, entertainment venues and sports clubs.

In this field we automatically came into contact with the Retail industry, albeit more or less by accident and initially on a small scale.

As business in Retail grew in the years that followed, we had the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of large and internationally operating service companies.

It soon became clear to us that in the field of international services there was still a lot of pain for both the customer and the service provider.
There was still a lot to learn, to understand and to improve. In our opinion, the service quality could improve with a different and more efficient service model.

Armed with the knowledge, lessons learned and experience gained while working with service departments of major companies such as Toshiba, NCR, Wincor now Diebold, Fujitsu and Atos, we have established a unique service model that is successfully deployed in 32 countries within Europe.

Today, BOPU BV still serves hotel chains and hospitality companies, but we also serve a significant number of customers active in non-food retail.

As an independent service provider by choice, we are always ready to go the extra mile.
Simply because for us it is important to deliver our promises. Our own high quality standards and the fact that we aspire to deliver what we promise, require that we give the best of ourselves to surpass the expectations.

After all, in order to be outstanding you have to dare to stand out. Right?
This probably explains why we are not the typical service provider; we are used to do things a little differently. But always in the interest of the customer and the end-users.

Our first and perhaps most important difference with most service providers is that we consider our customers a colleague rather than a customer.
Ultimately, we work for the same goal: happy product and service consumers. It does not matter whether they are internal or external customers, for us our work is only successful when all stakeholders are satisfied with the results achieved.

This is also why BOPU BV don’t sell solutions. We provide resolutions.
It has always been our goal to not only repair what is broken but to find and resolve the cause. We don’t go for quick fixes but for longterm settlements.

As Ralph Ellison quoted: “Without involvement, there is no commitment.”

Our commitment to you is: “we care about your concerns”.



To achieve your – and therefore our – objectives, we hold on to a few strong beliefs. We want to share a few of them.

The greatest value of our company are not our possessions or the services we provide but the people we work with. In whatever capacity. We strongly belief that each of them make quality a part of the daily processes  and strive for continuous improvement.

It is our duty to protect people, their rights and dignity and to respect them as individuals without judgment of ethnic origin, social background, social position, creed, gender or sexuality. Just as we think it is important that people we work with give respect, we also demand that they be treated with respect.

No emotion is more negative than the feeling of disappointment. Disappointment is often caused by the wrong or too high expectations. That is why we find mutual honest communication very important just like accountability and ownership. Knowing what everyone stands for and what the exact expectations are creates peace and stability and avoid the negative energy of disappointment so that everyone can focus on their core activities.

We claim to be one of the better if not the best international service provider. In fact, we are convinced that we are among the better service providers. But we also believe that we are as good as we are allowed to be. Even the best athlete in the world is supported by a team. The greatest results are achieved through passionate teamwork.

In summary, we follow the rule: treat the customer, co-worker or vendor as you want to be treated yourself. But do not accept from a customer, co-worker or vendor what you would not accept from your best friend.

Our facts

BOPU bv is

  • Established in 2005
  • Privately held
  • Member of BOPU Holding
  • Located in Belgium
  • Operational in 32 countries in Europe
  • Brand independent



  • Hardware Installations
  • New Openings
  • Refits
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Structured Cabling
  • Additional Services
  • IT hardware and software installation, maintenance and support
  • Electrical engineering
  • Data and telecom network cabling, testing and certification
  • Security Systems installation, maintenance and support
  • ATM’s and payment terminals installation, maintenance and support
  • Digital signage installation, maintenance and support


  • Manufacturers
  • International Distributors
  • Multinationals
  • Partner Service Companies

Henny van Boesschoten


Founder // owner

Henny van Boesschoten

I believe that service is personal. I do not believe in a one-fits-all service model. The basic model of the services can serve as a decisive factor for all clients, but fine-tuning, which makes the service suitable for the client is individual. Even though they are in the same industry, having similar organisations. Each of them has its own culture, its own working method and its own requirements. The connection we have with the clients determines the outcome of the projects and the quality of the services. We must understand the customer and their clients and bond with them, be a part of their aspirations. Their goals are our goals.


Founder // owner

Mira Van Puyenbroeck

I cannot understand that people find services boring. It is dynamic and always on the move. Providing services is a constant motivator for improvement. The speed at which technologies change, oblige you as a service company to continuously critically review your own knowledge and competences as well as the applied service models. I therefore think it is very important to provide field services myself. This is the only way I can get a complete picture and guarantee quality: I get first-hand all details to make adjustments where necessary. I do not only depend on the information the customer or the technician share with me, but I can also rely on my own experience.

Mira Van Puyenbroeck