connecting IT across borders

BOPU, the brand independent multi-vendor hardware installer for Retail and Hospitality.

In the retail industry hardware installations are often experienced as a stressful activity.

After all, a lot is involved to keep the disruption of daily store operations to an absolute minimum.

At BOPU we are aware of this and we monitor the peace on location and with the store employees by anticipating as efficiently as possible.

Whether it is an occassional single hardware installation, an IMAC-service or a complete rollout, efficiency starts with proper preparation.
The BOPU team is happy to make their knowledge and experience available to support you in all the steps of the project.
With an understandable checklist, we map out the necessary services together and a scenario can be drawn up.

Our experienced team ensures a smooth implementation of new IT hardware and software with services ranging from site survey, through implementation and installation to support afterwards. In its entirety as a project or partly as an extension of your own capacity.

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Our approach

The BOPU team consists of passionate professionals who know their subject matter. Probably just like you. So we don't want to tell you how to do your job.

What we do want is to see, together with you, whether we can do things smarter, better, faster and therefore cheaper.

We are convinced that the difference between delivering a project satisfactorily or delivering a project excellently means more than knowing how to do the work.
The difference is in understanding the people, the product, the organizational culture, the objectives. That is why we try to find out as much as possible about the client and the end customer. We try to merge into the organization and become an extension of it.

Effectiveness becomes visible over time in the form of cost and time savings.

We extend this philosophy to our technicians.
The technicians we assign are the technicians that we believe best suit your project through knowledge and experience of the product and feel comfortable in the working environment of your company and have the right soft skills.
For every new project, they are trained as much as possible in person and on the job.
In addition to product and job training, the emphasis of the training is placed on understanding the company culture, the quality of the work to be delivered, meeting expectations and the standards that must be met. All of this  documented in a step by step deployment guide.

Frequent communication keeps you informed in detail about the planned work, the progress of the work but also about the location. In the end, we provide you a detailed report, supported with pictures and videos from arrival until leave.

Due to changing technology, it is becoming increasingly easier for us to provide training, support and report.
Through innovations such as wearable livestream cameras and augmented reality, we guide our technicians in real time and on the spot. Wherever they are located.
Our own Peplink 4G router, supports us with the necessary bandwidth. This way being eyes and ears on site become very real.

our services

BOPU offers a variety of services to support you.

Regardless you have or do not have your own experts, the BOPU team is ready to intervene whenever you need it.

Whether you want to entrust your project completely to us, or only partially as an executive body to strengthen your own organization, makes no difference to our team.

Our commitment and goal remain the same: a successful operation that makes the customer happy.

Project management

From beginning to end,  you can rely on our knowledgeable Project Management Team.
Each team member with their own competences is available to assist you from project inventory to project delivery and all steps in between with the aim of making the project delivery a success within the set conditions.
The migration team provides with defined methodology, expertise and resources needed to assess, plan and execute any migration project.

Subject-matter experts, identify IT infrastructure, utilisation and application mutual dependencies.
This approach creates a cost-effective, risk-averse migration strategy for both virtual, cloud migrations and physical relocations.

A detailed blueprint mapping the project from beginning to the end enables you to follow each part of the process.
The high level of independent accountability result in a successful project delivery.

Site Survey

Every ICT architect recognizes the problem that over time the available information about the IT infrastructure of a location is no longer correct.
Or that some questions that are necessary for a smooth IMAC action cannot be answered. In such cases, a site survey may be necessary.

Our site surveys include:
    • Location inspection
    • Equipment inventory and specification
    • Site survey report
    • Floor plans
    • Site drawings
    • Pictures
We store this information in our own web application so that we create a roadmap of the available IT hardware and functions per location, at department and section level.
At the same time, we create a reference work that can be consulted at any time and which enables both your and our organization to add value and improve efficiency by being fully prepared for the next intervention.

Pre-installation and configuration

In case of a roll out, Retail companies often choose to collect and configure devices in a central location, usually in their own staging centre.
Or devices are sent empty to the store to be configured remotely. Both methods therefore entail risks and can make a deployment unnecessarily time-consuming and expensive as not all organizations have the facilities – needed to deploy technology judiciously – at hand.

Our four state-of-the-art laboratories, strategically located in Europe, remove this hassle and serve as a knowledgeable and scalable extension to your organization, helping to reduce risks and costs.

Hardware is delivered directly from the manufacturer or vendor to  our ESD-compliant temperature-controlled laboratories.
All locations have the latest security technologies to protect your assets and data.

Our pre-installation and configuration services include a tailormade registration application to ensure that all important steps are carried out, administered and captured in a detailed report. Most are entered automatically based on the steps performed, and built-in security checks prevent the configuration from progressing if a previous action was not completed correctly.

We can offer a wide range of services:

    • assembling
    • installing operating systems, software, firmware and patches
    • upgrading or downgrading firmware and software,
    • loading configurations,
    • testing and validation
    • requirements labeling and asset tagging
    • License Management
    • DOA, RMA and warranty management

onsite installation

Our on-site installation team guarantees a clean and professional installation in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations.

For each installation, a step-by-step guide describes all guidelines and milestones agreed at the start of the project, ensuring a uniform installation and smooth start-up of the new IT hardware and assets.

Our installation technicians are experienced and can anticipate common problems that may arise during IT hardware installation and work to avoid them.
In the unlikely event that an issue arises that they don’t know what to do, they can rely on our skilled support technicians.

Installation of IT hardware can include decommissioning and removal of existing equipment that is damaged, obsolete or is being upgraded.

Experience has taught us that during an installation there is almost always something extra that has been previously overlooked or due to a last-minute change.
Because such things happen, our engineers are fully equipped to take that little bit extra when needed.


Most people don’t like changes.

Particularly in the case of upgrades or renewal, a training can then stimulate a smooth acceptance and implementation of new hardware and software among your employees.
Pre-training creates involvement and gives your employees more confidence.

User trainings also promote the correct use of the new equipment or software. Which is also a crucial factor for the success of a project.

Our group of professional trainers makes clear training documentation and instruction videos customized to the target group. Tailor-made training sessions are provided remotely or in-house.

repair and support

Part of our hardware installation services is repair and support.

Simply because things can break. Even during installation.

In consultation we determine whether and which spare parts are needed to solve the most common problems.

In all cases, we provide our technicians with the correct tools and standard spare parts to deal with the most common hardware and software failures.
In this way we guarantee frictionless installations.

Initially, our support desk is on standby for technicians who get stuck in the event of a problem.
If they are unable to solve the problem together with the technician, they will follow the predefined escalation procedure.

warehousing and logistics

Unquestionably in international environments, it is not evident to have the goods delivered on location exactly on time.
It requires good knowledge of the transport market, European geography and local rules.

Certainly for hardware installations, goods must be on location exactly on time.
An early delivery causes frustration for the employees: after all, the items are always in the way. They are then placed somewhere and on the day of installation they cannot be found.
The consequence of late delivery is even clearer: no goods, no installation. With all the annoying consequential damage.

To prevent this, we often see that goods are sent to the location much too early.

Our logistics services know the pitfalls and difficulties of international deliveries and know exactly what it takes to deliver goods to location exactly on time cost-effectively.


For us, IT Asset Management (ITAM) involves more than collecting, registering, storing and refurbishing IT hardware.

BOPU’s ITIL-aligned Asset Management Services add effective value because a thorough ITAM process is the easiest savings for your business.

Understanding the costs and value of assets is essential to comprehend the ultimate and true costs and value of products and services. It is an important supporting factor in giving a clear and reliable vision into past and future investments.

IT asset management requires accurate inventory information. Our assigned asset manager makes an inventory of the IT hardware, software and – if applicable – middleware of your organization and maps the lifecycle of each asset.
By adding this information to our Service Management Application, asset data is effortlessly maintained and available when needed.

A good IT Asset Management Process also helps to optimize resources. We use the information to calculate, for example, the number of spare parts for your organization. For this we add the available criteria of SLA, service requests and predictions based on capacity and performance management.

hardware decommissioning

At BOPU, even the decommissioning and removal of hardware is done with care and preparation.

In consultation with your IT department, we draw up guidelines for our technicians on how to deal with this unnecessary hardware.
That is how we ensure that the correct measures are taken to protect your organization, its data and the assets.

Our technicians collect and prepare the hardware to be removed from the site for return to your own warehouse or for transport to one of our laboratories for further treatment according to your hardware decommissioning directions.

At the end we provide a report per device and you can be sure that your device will not be secretly refurbished and traded after all.

it ASSET DISPOSITION and recycling

Hardware that became obsolete, can still be valuable.
While  changing technologies encourage us to replace hardware with newer, faster, and more extensive hardware, BOPU embrace the possibilities of reuse and recycling.

After the obsolete or defective equipment is delivered to one of our labs, everything is sorted and checked for further processing.

Goods that are irreparably broken are dismantled on usable components that are then used for the repair of other devices. The remaining parts of the dismantled products are separated on recyclable and non-recyclable material.

Recyclable material is taken to waste processing companies that specialize in the recycling of circular materials and upgrades the waste to new materials.

IT systems that are reusable and that are sold or donated will have their data wiped and, if preferred, a Data Erasure certificate will be issued.
IT systems that are reused internally are restored according to your internal procedures.

The hardware

At BOPU we do not sell hardware other than what we need to run our IT services.
We are also not associated with any label. We have no advantage or interest in any particular brand or type of device.

This independence gives us peace of mind; we do not have to sell hardware. With the greatest advantage that we can focus on what is most important: whatever hardware you choose, we make it work.

And if you ask our opinion on a particular device, you will receive an honest answer based on our own experience and knowledge of that product. Without the smooth sales pitches or marketing.

Point of sales and peripherals

As a brand-independent service provider, we install all sorts of point of sale hardware, self-checkouts and peripherals.

Our knowledge and experience of various A and B brands has grown to a level at which we can ensure a smooth installation, but also to the level at which we can solve the most common installation problems.

The installation of POS hardware includes: cash register, cash drawer, (ticket) printer, (barcode) scanner, types of identification and authorization equipment, customer and information display, types of card readers, keyboard or keypad, types of communication systems, cash devices payment, mobile cash register, self checkout.
And yes, we also install fiscal printers in applicable countries

Payment devices

Nowadays, most payment system manufacturers offer an all-in plug-and-play package or another low-threshold solution that is easy to install yourself.
Yet it also happens that a little help turns out to be welcome.

Or the electronic payment solution that best suits your business needs to be configured and is too complex to install yourself.

For those situations BOPU has been accredited by several major internationally renowned providers of Contactless Devices, Pin Entry Devices and Electronic Funds Transfer payment systems to install, configure and provide support and service.

We work directly with manufacturers, but also with banks and acquirers to guarantee the best and fastest service on your cashless payment system.

networking technology

Most retailers have their own network architects who have carefully – and often over the years – developed a network infrastructure according to the requirements for a smooth and secure data exchange between store and head office. Everything in line with the applicable policies within the company.

We are also the right people to work with for the installation and configuration of your network hardware. Even though the network field changes at the speed of light, our engineers have the right knowledge and skills to install, configure and troubleshoot your network infrastructure. From cabling to installing devices and structured cabling.
Regardless of whether you prefer HPE or Cisco, Juniper or Draytek. Regardless of the complexity of the network infrastructure chosen, we have the right technician to ensure high-quality installation and implementation. Including fiber optic cabling and network technology.

Hardware installation for network technology includes: data and voice network cabling, network cabling testing with or without certification, rack mounting, installation and configuration of switches, servers, firewalls and routers, adding network clients

wireless network devices

What applies to wired network also applies to the Wi-Fi  network: your own team of experts have made careful choices depending on the need, signal strength and network security.

We happily install the WiFi network for you.
Again, we are not picky about the type or brand, neither are we about the installation hours during day time, after opening hours or even during the night; we install when it suits best with the least possible disadvantage for the business.

What we are critical of, is the quality of the installation. On location, we will test the indicated mounting locations and check for possible factors that influence the signal strength and for overlapping or blind spots. In all circumstances shall we ensure that the device is installed as invisible as possible with respect for the store’s architecture and ambient.

After the installation, we conduct a survey to ensure that the signal strength is at least sufficient wherever necessary, depending on the purpose of the network. We may also provide signal strength reporting in cases where this information is not available through the supplier portals.

We install access points as well as repeaters, base stations for radio waves, beacons and antennas. Both indoor and outdoor.

In-store communication systems

Modern in-store communication systems do more than just “listen and chat”.

With the finest systems, you can say goodbye to noisy tannoy announcements, multiple communication systems, and clunky hardware for the daily operations.
In addition to conducting and answering telephone calls, internal communication between employees and questions from customers can also be handled with the same system.
Task lists and activities can be requested and checked, and even drivers at the door of the loading bay can be answered.
All in all beautiful systems that require precise installation and expertise to ensure smooth operation.
BOPU BV are a certified installer of such systems and we only work with a team of trained technicians to guarantee a smooth installation and the best operational quality.

People counter

We also install various brands and types with regard to the people counter. Both wired and wireless.

Through experience, our technicians know where and how to position the camera to guarantee the best and most reliable customer counting data.

And if necessary, we do the setup ourselves or we assist your remote IT department.

Security and surveillance sytems

It is well known that shoplifting and theft is one of the biggest losses in retail.
So, to limit the damage and protect your property and your staff, you invest a lot of money in security equipment.
Then we see it as our duty to ensure that the security systems are also optimally installed.

This means that before installing, we test on site whether the intended location of the cameras takes a clear and unimpeded image of the zone for which they are intended. We also check the incidence of light so that the camera is not dazzled by too much backlight or delivers unrecognizable images due to insufficient light.

Even the best cameras that are adjustable have a weak spot and sometimes we need to lend them a hand to deliver the best possible result.

Smart mirror or interactive mirror

How cool is it to imagine yourself in a fitting room in a futuristic science fiction environment where you can just click and swipe the mirror until you find what you are looking for?

Or simply ask for help and advice through the mirror? Or ask the store employee to size up or change those pants in a different color. Or one of the other options.
We are enthusiastic!

Smart mirrors, interactive narrowcasting and all other related systems is one of the installations we can also do for you.
Our technicians have the knowledge and experience with different types of smart technologies.

audiovisual media

We are also experienced in the installation of different types of audio visual media. We install single or multiple monitors as well as videowalls in all kinds of settings. Both indoor and outdoor.

We also take care of the sound system in the store.

Special note: We also always ensure a seamless image in the case of a multiple modular video wall.
in the video, the display is still wrapped with protective foil, which causes the stripes.
This has nothing to do with the quality of the installation or the display.

other hardware

In addition to the above hardware, we also install other technologies such like anti theft systems, face recognition, identification and authorisation systems, electronic pricing, temperature sensors  and much more.