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BOPU BV is now a proud Cisco Registered Partner

Unless we need something to do our job, we don’t sell hardware at BOPU BV.
We are both proud and strict of that. Simply because this way we can guarantee our independence.

But because we received more and more questions about networks and related topics, we increasingly got the feeling that we could not provide our customers with the best possible service if they could not turn to BOPU BV for the purchase of the hardware.

That’s why we decided to offer not only the services but also its components for the network part.

BOPU BV is now a Cisco Registered Partner and Select Integrator

Why CIsco?

Cisco is the leading brand in the field of IT and networking.

Cisco is a household name and it is not for nothing that large and important organizations worldwide – such as government and multinationals – choose the high-quality and reliable technology of the Cisco routers, switches, firewalls and other (wireless) network products.
Nevertheless, Cisco also offers very nice and affordable solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Based on the same technology and with the same quality as the equipment for the big big companies.

BOPU BV is therefore proud to be included as a Cisco Partner. After all, Cisco sets high standards for their partners. Just as Cisco itself continuously invests in the development of their products and technologies, they demand that their partners continuously invest in the development of knowledge and quality service for the customer.

We, the BOPU team, agree with that. We also set high standards for quality and reliability, standards and values, strive for perfection and pride in our achievements and what we build.

For you, the customer, the user, working with a Cisco Partner means a guarantee of sound advice, flawless installation and implementation and impeccable service. Also after sales.

What is the benefit?

As a Cisco Select Integrator, we are no longer just the installers that come to put up the access points.

Being a Cisco Select Integrator means that we  are trusted to deliver the expertise to design, configure, implement and support the best fitting network solution to provide your business with an incomparable digital experience while covering complex business challenges.

Keeping in mind that every business is different and has its own needs so that every technology implementation must be aligned with elements that make the overall solution suitable for you, the customer.

Cisco Partner participants are expected to continuously invest in technological knowledge and focus on high-quality services.

As a Cisco Select Integrator we can also ensure that you are buying the legitimate Cisco hardware suitable for your area and business at the most cost-efficient conditions and appropriate support.

what's more?

In addition to the benefits of working with a trusted partner, BOPU BV can now also offer promotions and keep you informed about the latest evolutions in Cisco technology and interesting events and webinars.

Or subscribe to our alert and stay informed about EOL and EOS products while getting the most suitable replacements suggested.

If you are interested to learn what Cisco can do for your company or how we can be of service for you, feel free to contact the team. We’d be happy to help from advise to 24/7 support.

AND there is more

We are quite proud that BOPU BV can rely on Cisco experts who are known as the cream of the crop because of their knowledge and expertise. 

These network wizards are happy to assist you with the architecture, set up, configuration and deployment of your network.

In addition, we have the tools to monitor your switches, routers, and wireless access points. Our dashboard alerts enable us watch the status and performance of your network devices and to resolve a possible issue before you even notice the interruption, while the lifecycle monitor provides information about your network devices—including maintenance and warranty status and end-of-life bulletins.

In short, we can free you from all possible headaches by taking over the network management from you.