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you need knowledge
To deliver GOOD service
You have to add understanding

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connecting IT across borders

BOPU is the reference point for pan European IT services and support implementations for Retail and Hospitality

The services of BOPU form a unique system, characterized by a rational organizational structure, not only qualitatively supported by highly qualified and certified technical employees, but also by our logistics and distribution services throughout the service area.

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32 Countries in Europe are only 1 step away

That is right, 32 Western European countries are managed from one central point.
Your single contact person will learn to know your company almost as well as you do. And everyone in the chain works with the same conditions. That is why we can guarantee equal quality everywhere.

Guaranteed quality

We love our work and take pride in it.
In good conscience we deliver the best possible service and the best possible quality. But our work is still human and mistakes can happen. Therefore, Bopu believes that if we have demonstrably made a mistake, we should correct it at our own expense.

24/7 Breakdown service all year round

Faults have a few unpleasant properties. They usually come unexpectedly and always unwanted. Then it is a comforting thought that you can fall back on our 24/7 breakdown service all year round. Especially if you also need accessibility at night to, for example, the office on the other side of the world.

Excellent Services

elevate your Expectations


Just as ITIL is generally implemented in the processes of service management, we have also adopted parts of the agile methodology that are applicable to our services. This allows us to respond quickly and "deftly" to service requests.
Even in a world that can be different from one day to the next.


Sometimes we just get the wonder of how services can be innovated. The ever-changing technology we work with makes it increasingly easier to be innovative in services. For example, Bopu was one of the pioneers who introduced RT information sharing and picture sharing as part of the service communication. And we continue. With Live Stream Support, for example, as if you are on location yourself.


Sustainability forces people and business to make decisions based on the long term. Being sustainable in the tech field has for example a lot to do with using your devices for a long period despite having new ones coming out all the time. It is also about making sure you get disposed of them in a responsible way as can be very polluting if not handled properly. Our services reduce your ecological footprint.

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Many of our customers do not allow their name – their brand – to be used commercially by third parties.
Of course we would like to go big and also mention these names as references on our website. But more than that, we value the trust we receive and respect our customers’ policies in this regard.
Fortunately, we are allowed to quote anonymously some of the compliments we have received. Which we also like to do.

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